Terms & Conditions

Changing Memberships

Members may increase the length of their membership permitted under each membership during their membership contracts.

Members will be required to pay the difference if the weekly value of their new membership contract is greater than the weekly value of their previous one. If it is less than their previous membership contract, a discount will be calculated to adjust the fees on their next payment.

Members may not decrease the length of their membership they originally agreed to.

Placing Memberships on Hold

Memberships may be placed on hold for up to four weeks per year.

Cancelling Memberships

If cancelling a membership, members are required to provide one months’ written notice to jess@crossfit2795.com.au.

Payment Terms

All payments are weekly in advance.

It is the responsibility of members to ensure they are financial each month. CrossFit 2795 is permitted to refuse entry to persons who have not paid.
You will incur the following costs by CrossFit 2795’s payment merchant, Ezidebit:

Direct bank account transaction: $1.10 Declined payment fee: $9.90
Visa/MasterCard: 2.2% (min $1.10)